About our School

Living life one little adventure at a time…

Little minds have a lot of imagination. Ashcreek Playschool’s play-based program takes children on a journey in the classroom and outdoors in nature, teaching children to learn through their senses — socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Ashcreek Playschool teaches foundational life skills, nurturing curiosity, creativity and kindness through play-based learning. By tapping into a child’s sense of wonder, we believe preschool-aged children learn and grow best through child-led play both in the classroom and outside. Research on brain development and early childhood education shows that providing opportunities for open-ended play and child-directed activities is one of the most natural and effective ways for young children to learn and develop life skills. Children explore, learn self-dependence and let their imaginations roam through natural movement and play experiences, ranging from dramatic play and story time with costumes to an outdoor exploration of the woods identifying insects and plants.

Operating as a non-profit parent cooperative, parents work together, dedicating their time and talents, and serving as teacher assistants to provide children with a wide range of experiences and a strong backbone of support. 

At Ashcreek Playschool, students will learn through:

  • Social-emotional competence
  • Constructive creative problem solving
  • Building friendships with empathy
  • Fostering creativity and independent play
  • Meaningful play experiences in the classroom and outdoors