Why Co-Op

Ashcreek Playschool is a Parent Cooperative.

A cooperative preschool is a program that is operated by a group of parents who take an active interest in their children’s first educational experience. Parents help the teacher in the classroom, are given opportunities for education, and are involved in decision-making.

Benefits a Co-op Preschool Offers Children:

  • A wider world to explore and enjoy
  • Encourages self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Above average adult-to-child ratio in classroom
  • Children play and learn to respect others
  • Expressive materials, games and art activities
  • Builds a positive attitude towards school

Ashcreek families will have assigned parent teaching days, where they will rotate in the classroom as parent helpers to the teacher roughly one day per month for each weekday that your child is enrolled. For example, if your child attends M/W/F you may have three parent teaching sessions in a month, the exact number will depend on enrollment.

In addition to parent teaching you may have other responsibilities to help our school run.

Note: Parent responsibilities and family commitments will be made clear before the beginning of the year. You may be told about additional tasks we are looking for help with on a strictly volunteer basis, but we won’t be adding additional mandatory requirements after the family commitments have been established prior to the start of the school year.

Ashcreek Playschool is a member of Parent-Child Preschools Organization (PCPO), a nonprofit organization of more than 60 cooperative preschools and kindergartens, and follows all rules and guidelines for operating as a co-op preschool.