Parent Responsibilities

Part of what makes a co-op great is the sense of community we create and how much we can accomplish by contributing our time and energy to building our school. We can’t do what we do without committed families who are involved in running the school.

Parent Responsibilities include:

Parent teaching: You will be assigned days to be an assistant teacher in the classroom. Any designated family member who has the required background check done can participate. Parent teaching will be approximately once per month, per day of the week your child is enrolled (example: student attends 4 days per week, you will be scheduled about 4 days per month to parent teach). For the kindergarten class parents are scheduled to parent teach 1-2 times a month.

Meetings: There will be 2-3 required general meetings throughout the year plus a parent orientation session before the school year begins and our fundraising auction in the spring. If at least one person from your family is unable to attend one of the required meetings you may be charged a fine. All meeting dates will be provided at or prior to orientation.

Committee Roles: Each family will be assigned one committee role or take on a Board position. We will do our best to assign roles that fit your skills and schedule. Board positions may require attending additional meetings.

School Maintenance: Each family must sign up for one session each of school opening, mid-year cleaning (if necessary), and school closing. These sessions will include classroom set up, general maintenance and cleaning.

Fundraising: For the 2020-21 school year each family is required to earn at least $250 for those families with 1 students, and $300 for those with 2 or more students, for our fundraising efforts, PLUS purchase at least one $30 ticket to attend the auction (if we have an in person auction). If you choose not to participate in our fundraisers you may pay the balance on your fundraising obligation. Fundraising will be an important part of our success as we build the school and we hope to have families actively participating in our efforts. For families who join part way through the year, or leave before the end of the year, your fundraising amount will be prorated to $25-30 per month (partial or full) of attendance.