Board of Directors and Committees

Board and Committee Job Description

Board of Directors 2020-21

President: Shawna Mench

Vice President: VACANT

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: Sara Killion

Registrar: Lisa Dirda

Fundraising Chair: Veronica McCaffrey

Maintenance Chair: VACANT

PCPO Representative: VACANT

Classroom Representative (Rose): Shawna Mench/VACANT

Classroom Representative (Azalea): Shawna Mench/VACANT

Director (non-voting): Julie Laurin


Committee Positions 2020-21

Teacher Support: VACANT

Communications: VACANT

Inventory/Purchasing: Sarah Norman

Bookkeeper: VACANT

Assistant Registrar: VACANT

Grant Writer: VACANT

Fundraising Committee: VACANT

Maintenance Committee: VACANT

Garden Manager: VACANT

Laundry: Brad Penland

Scheduler: Shawna Mench

Events Coordinator: Julie Laurin

Memory Book Committee: VACANT