Financial Aid

Ashcreek Playschool Financial Aid Policies

Ashcreek Playschool believes high quality preschool programs should be available to all families. Ashcreek strives to keep our tuition low and make our program affordable for families across all income brackets. In order to make our preschool classes more accessible, we offer financial aid to low income families or those facing temporary financial hardship. 

In order to receive financial aid, you must register here for Ashcreek Playschool and apply for financial aid for the current or upcoming school year. Your financial aid applies to all tuition and fees during the school year it is awarded. Click here to download our Financial Aid Application 2022/23.

Financial Aid Application for 2023-2024 coming soon!

If you are applying for financial aid when you register you are only required to pay 50% of any applicable registration fees to hold your place, and your registration fee will be refunded if Ashcreek Playschool is not able to approve your financial aid application. If you cannot pay any amount of the registration fee contact the Financial Aid Committee (

Depending on the number of requests received, Scholarship Review Committee may award discounts from 25% to 75%. Financial aid applications will be accepted for short term and long term requests, as well as payment due date extensions. Applications are due by the 5th of the month prior to the month requesting the financial assistance.  Financial aid is not guaranteed and is granted based on available funds and family needs. 

Families who receive financial aid are still responsible for all other aspects of membership, including Parent Teaching shifts, meeting attendance and other volunteer duties. 

Financial aid decisions are made by the Financial Aid Committee, a sub-group of the Board of Directors. The President is always a member of the Financial Aid Committee, along with two other members of the Board of Directors. Teachers are not eligible to be on the Financial Aid Committee. All information about applications and financial aid status are kept confidential. Communication can be sent to

Current members who experience a sudden financial hardship should contact the Financial Aid Committee for special consideration.

The 2022 Median Income for a Family of Four in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro MSA is: $106,500 Check the box that corresponds to your gross yearly income and number of people in your household:

Household size  Maximum Yearly Income for up to 75% Tuition Credit (25% of median income)  Maximum Yearly Income for up to 50% Tuition Credit (50% of median income)  Maximum Yearly Income for up to 25% Tuition Credit (75% of median income)
2 $20,325   $42,600 $62,875
3 $23,475  $47,950 $71,375
4 $24,225 $53,250 $79,875
5 $30,281 $57,550 $88,375
6 $36,338 $61,800 $96,875

FY 2022 Median income for a family of four (Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro): 106,500. Published by Portland Housing Bureau: Effective 6/15/2022. See also

We reserve the right to update these guidelines annually. Meeting these income guidelines is not a guarantee of scholarship to Ashcreek Playschool.

If you have questions, feel free to email or fill out the form below: