Summer Session 2020

This summer, send your children to explore, grow and make new friends at Ashcreek Playschool summer session camps. We will follow a structure similar to our preschool class, which means plenty of time for open ended play and child led activities! We spend time outside every day and may spend some of our days completely outdoors during summer.

Each session is 4 hours a day for 4 days (Monday-Thursday). Children should bring their own nut-free snack & lunch each day and a change of clothes. Some weeks the teacher may suggest sending a bathing suit and towel for outdoor water play.  You will get an email prior to the start of each session letting you know what to pack for your child.


After you fill out the online registration you will receive confirmation and an invoice for your first camp session within 24-48 hours. You must pay for your first camp session to reserve your spot, additional sessions must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the start of camp.

Cancellation Policy: In order to receive a refund, cancellations must be made in writing 2 weeks prior to the start of camp. Account credit may be given to future camps at the discretion of the Ashcreek Board. 

You must pay for your first camp session to complete your registration. Online payment comes with a $5 online payment fee. You may choose to send in a check instead or pay by cash, however, registration is not complete until we receive payment for at least one camp.

Ashcreek Summer Camp is open to children ages 2-6. 2 year olds must be registered students or enrolling this Fall. Older siblings of currently enrolled students may attend (up to the age of 8 years old). All sessions are Monday-Thursday from 9:00-1:00 pm each day. You have the option of enrolling all 4 days or 2 days only (Mon/Weds or Tues/Thurs)

Summer Camp Weekly Cost Member*/Non-Member
4 Days $100 / $125
2 Days $60 / $75

15% Sibling (Regular Price for 1st Student, Discount Applies to 2nd Student)
5% More Than 3 Weeks Enrolled
10% More Than 6 Weeks Enrolled
$35 Discount per day of being a Parent Helper

*Members are currently enrolled (2019/2020 or 2020/2021) students who have paid their registration fee

2020 Summer Camp Proposed Schedule**
Session 1: July 6-9
Session 2: July 13-16
Session 3: July 20-23      
Session 4: July 27-30
Session 5: August 3-6
Session 6: August 10-13
Session 7: August 17-20
Session 8: August 24-27

If you choose to parent teach you will get a credit of $35 per parent teaching shift you sign up for. Please email with your availability if you are interested in parent teaching during summer camp. You MUST submit a background check form to Ashcreek Playschool at least 2 weeks prior to your volunteer date to be eligible. We will do our best to accommodate scheduling parent volunteers.

**Any session of camp is subject to cancellation for lack of enrollment or parent help availability.

Covid-19 Related Policy Updates

As Ashcreek re-opens this summer amid the COVID-19 pandemic we will be complying with local and state regulations and taking measures to reduce health and safety risks while holding an age appropriate program for our students.

Based on state requirements, we will be reducing the number of students per class, we have 14 spaces total in camp, but will be splitting up the students between our 2 classrooms and then come together for outside time. We will be staffing our summer camps with teaching assistants that are consistent throughout the week, instead of rotating on a daily basis. All of our polices are subject to change as we adapt to the current circumstances and regulations.

As a cooperative preschool, Ashcreek is exempt from registering as an Emergency Child Care, which also exempts us from the state requirement for child care and summer camp. However, Ashcreek will abide by the requirements outlined below to the fullest extent possible.

State requirements on child care:

State requirements on school age summer camps:

Physical Distancing 

Due to the age of our students, we do not expect that physical distancing can be maintained and enforced throughout camp. We will encourage extra hand washing and try to minimize physical contact between students.

We will limit the children to 4 per table for snack time or any other seated activities.


Teachers will only be required to wear masks only if current government regulations make them mandatory, otherwise it shall be up to the teachers. Students are not required to wear masks, however anyone may choose to do so if they wish. If a student is wearing a mask and it is being played with or handled by other children they will be instructed to put it away.

Staffing and Parent Volunteers

Regulations will require us to have our staff (including volunteers) consistent throughout the week, instead of changing daily. Summer camps will be led by Teacher Julie and 2 assistants, typically one hired summer staff member and one parent. We will be asking parents interested in volunteering to commit to a full four day week schedule instead of single days spread over various weeks.

Staying Outdoors

In order to minimize the spread of germs and viruses, summer camps will be held predominately outdoors. Some sessions may be held entirely outside, however we cannot guarantee any days to be fully outside.

Students are not permitted to be in the building alone so if your child needs to use the restroom they will be escorted by a teacher, and helped if necessary.

Be aware that we do not have exclusive use of the playground, neighborhood families may be on the property to use the playground during summer camp sessions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your children will not be in the proximity of people in addition to registered Ashcreek students. If other people are on the playground during a summer camp session, it will be at the teacher’s discretion to decide if the class will remain outdoors and share the space or go indoors.

Health Screening

Daily temperature checks will be required and students with a temperature above 100.4 will not be able to attend. Students will also not be permitted to attend if they have developed a new cough. If a child develops a cough or fever during the day they will be taken to a separate space and parents will be contacted to pick them up early.

It has not yet been determined if temperature checks will be performed at home and self reported or done on site. There will also likely be daily health screenings that will ask if your child has developed a new cough and other questions that might be determined by state and county regulations. This will most likely be an online form, more information will be provided before the first session.

Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol based hand sanitizer may be used throughout the day. Soap and water are required for hand washing after bathroom use and before eating.

Pick Up and Drop Off Policies:

In order to minimize the number of people in our space and interacting, we will not be allowing anyone to enter the classroom other than enrolled students and staff. Pick up and drop off will be handled outdoors. Specific pick up procedures will be sent out prior to the first camp session.

If your family is new to Ashcreek and you would like a tour of the classroom, you may make an appointment to come before class or another scheduled time to tour the classrooms.

What changes have we made?

In response to COVID-19, some things will be different this summer. We will be taking steps to minimize health risks to our students, including:

  • Reducing class size

  • Daily temperature checks and health screening

  • Physical distancing pick up/drop off policies – no parents or family members in the classrooms

  • Increased hand washing throughout the day and use of hand sanitizer

  • Strict enforcement of not sharing food with non-family members

  • Reducing the number of items in the classroom (This reduces the number of shared items and reduces the cleaning burden. All toys used will be soakable.)