Shop our Online Silent Auction

Hello members, friends, family and supporters! Ashcreek is holding an Online Silent Auction now until December 12th at 9 pm. We are raising money to help cover operating costs and fund improvements to out school. Shop our Auction Here To bid on any items you need to make a simple and free account, all you need toContinue reading “Shop our Online Silent Auction”

Join Us During Winter Break

Ashcreek Playschool will be closed from December 19-January 2nd, following the Beaverton School District calendar for holidays and vacations. However, during this time we will be holding 3 “Drop and Play” Sessions. You can drop your child off so you can do some last minute holiday preparations or to give them a break from cabinContinue reading “Join Us During Winter Break”

Parent education: Fears

Note: Each month our Teacher Erika will be sharing information with our families about childhood development and other relevant topics as part of the parent education component of our program. We will be sharing that information here on our blog. October can be a month filled with excitement and the scary things that go bumpContinue reading “Parent education: Fears”

Ashcreek Fall Fundraiser: Donate your gently used Baby, Toddler & Maternity items this August!

During the month of August, Ashcreek Playschool is gathering gently used baby, maternity and toddler items that to sell on consignment to benefit our nonprofit preschool. We’d love your help if you have any items around the house that you’d be interested in donating! Your in-kind donation can be deducted as a charitable contribution onContinue reading “Ashcreek Fall Fundraiser: Donate your gently used Baby, Toddler & Maternity items this August!”

Creating Our Classroom… Open House!

Last week Ashcreek Playschool hosted its first open house and invited little scientists to don their lab coats and goggles to join us for a mad scientist party! From creating and playing with gooey flubber, dropping liquid watercolors and rock salt onto ice balls, to watching raisins “dance” in a vinegar/baking powder solution, children traveledContinue reading “Creating Our Classroom… Open House!”

Creating Our Classroom…Fresh Paint!

The story of Ashcreek Playschool begins with creating the perfect space for our students. A haven filled with laughter and tiny chattering voices where children can play freely, make wonderful friendships and leave each day with smiling faces and happy memories. This is the first post in a series on Creating our Classroom — starting with aContinue reading “Creating Our Classroom…Fresh Paint!”