Get ready! School year starts in 2 weeks!

Classes start at Aschreek Playschool on September 4 for the Mixed Age class and September 5 for the 2’s and Young 3’s class. There is still time to register for the school year and we have openings in both classes.  REGISTER ONLINE HERE or contact if you have any questions.

Ashcreek summer camps ended last week with fun camping themed play and activities. Our new teacher Julie, and the giant vegetables she brought in from her garden to disect (and eat!), got smiles and approval from the kids.


Meet Teacher Julie

Ashcreek Playschool is excited to welcome Julie Laurin to our staff! She will be taking on role of teacher for our Mixed Age class, as well as helping manage our school as the Director of our program.


Meet Julie:

I have spend the last six years as a Preschool Teacher for THPRD. I love going to concerts and spending time outdoors with my family of five. I have three teenagers at home. They are 19, 17 and 13. We share the house with a cat named Rocket and a dog named Barley. I love watching preschoolers learn by leaps and bounds.

My favorite quote is “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


Julie will be teaching at the remaining Ashcreek summer camp sesisons in August to get to know some of our students and parents and get familiar with the space before the school year begins.