Creating Our Classroom… Open House!

Last week Ashcreek Playschool hosted its first open house and invited little scientists to don their lab coats and goggles to join us for a mad scientist party!

From creating and playing with gooey flubber, dropping liquid watercolors and rock salt onto ice balls, to watching raisins “dance” in a vinegar/baking powder solution, children traveled from station to station for some hands on science experiments and activities.

Creating Our Classroom…

The grand reveal came when Ashcreek Playschool opened its doors to parents, sharing a brand new classroom now set up with furniture perfect for preschoolers and activity stations dividing the room, including sensory stations, the block center, math & science, a cozy reading corner and more.

What’s next?

While summer camp sessions are kicking off, the team is working on a slew of projects, from installing garden beds complete with vegetables planted and grown by students to mapping out and creating an outdoor classroom.

Keep up with our classroom updates as we continue the Creating Our Classroom series on the Ashcreek blog.

There are still a few slots left in our Summer camp sessions in July and August, or join us this fall by registering online for the 2016-2017 school year.

Hat tip to Valerie Tillia Photography for helping us capture these special moments!

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